Secret Desires

Dear Friends,
This section  is created just to make Your wishes, Real!
Any kind of desires ! And I give You some samples…

Do you like to buy some merchandising related to me ?
Calendars-Photos with Autograph-T shirts with my photos ecc..

Or maybe You would like to have a special kind of movie or photo sets
just for Your own, something particular that You don’t like to share
with anybody…

Or, some of You, have a fetish feeling and would like to have in
possesion my used Underwear or my used Menstruation swabs or a nice
ampoule of my Golden Perfumed Piss…
Everything You can receive directly from Me…

Or more, someone feeling himself as a gentlemen, would like to have a
Dinner with me…
All is possible for You !

You just write using, your user, the email address and name
in the Desires form here below, and naturally write your complete
wishes text and Press SEND.

You will receive a personal email by Me, as answer, just You and only
in your Private Mail Box…
Only You and Me will know about it !

It’s a promise! Don’t be shy!



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